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Sadaqa / Aqeeqa Bakra Service

$ 80.00

We have made the sacrifice of Sadaqa Bakra and Aqeeqa very easy. Our donor friendly service enables you to perform the Sadaqa / Aqeeqa with comfort and ease, even at your doorstep.

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Product Description

On the request or our beloved brothers and sisters we are starting a new service for those who can not do it their self or can not find the right place to give sadaqa or aqeeqa meat.

Sadqah means Voluntary Charity. Sadqa closes seven doors of evil. People do Sadqah for their life, their property, for their beloved who are suffering and facing different problems in their life. Sadqa, proves to be a defense shield for your life & property and for those on whose behalf it is given. Sadqa repels & removes all sorts of un-expected calamities, sudden disasters, mental agonies, worries, anxieties, perplexities, tensions and anguish and also gives spiritual power to boost early recovery from variety of illnesses.

So please offer Sadqa.

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion for every family and even at this happy moment, Muslims are expected to remember the less privileged people. When a baby is born, it is a Sunnah to perform Aqeeqah on seventh day of birth by slaughtering two goats or sheep for a baby boy and one goat or sheep for a baby girl.

Rates of Sadaqa /Aqeeqa Bakra Animals
Kind Rates/unit-Through credit cards
Sadqa Bakra US$80
Aqeeqa Bakra US$110
Sadqa Cow US$500
Sadqa Cow (Part) US$60
Sadqa Hen US$5
Service Charges US$ 20 not included
Please confirmĀ  latest rates by calling


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