March 28, 2016

Spiritual Effects of Garments

We for the most part pick the garments that we will wear for the day construct extensively in light of where we are going or the climate figure. There are a heap different impacts, for example, the overarching design style, whether we fit into the garments, our state of mind, time close by, and so forth which at last seals our choice.

We experience this procedure day by day, in any case we once in a while consider the otherworldly impact of garments on us as motivation to wear or purchase garments. Truth be told the majority of us (and this incorporates the producers of our garments) are uninformed that we are influenced profoundly by the garments that we wear. In this article we will impart to you learning acquired through profound examination on how the garments we wear can be either to our otherworldly advantage or burden.

Profound examination on garments

Profound examination on apparel and how to dress is attempted utilizing propelled intuition. The examination is completed by seekers who utilize their propelled intuition increased through years of otherworldly practice. They see the otherworldly vibrations exuding from different sorts of garments taking into account perspectives, for example, shading, shape and material and note down the readings increased through intuition. A few seekers have a propelled intuition of vision and can really see the different otherworldly vibrations. By drawing pictures in light of unpretentious learning, they give us a look into the otherworldly measurement, a domain past our basic discernment. In this area we will be sharing various such pictures in view of unobtrusive information which will give a more prominent understanding into the impact of the garments we wear.

Motivation behind garments from a profound viewpoint

We are all mindful of the reason for garments from a physical and mental point of view. From an otherworldly point of view the motivation behind garments are twofold:

Negative energies: we utilize the term ‘negative energies’ as an aggregate thing to speak to a wide range of elements in the otherworldly measurement that plan to damage mankind right from the ‘regular phantom’ to the largest amount ‘Jinns or Asaibs’. In the event that the profound quality of a typical apparition is somewhere around 1 and 10 units, then a jinn or asaib quality reaches from a billion to near boundlessness.

To soak up and emanate Purity and knowledge: Depending on how we dress, garments can go about as a receptor to guzzle positive and perfect frequencies from the climate around us. In doing as such they can transmit these positive vibrations and immaculateness into our awareness.

To shield from assaults of negative energies: If the garments we wear can tackle positive vitality, then in doing as such they can shield us from negative energies. On the off chance that garments are Ignorance and inertia in nature then they pull in negative energies or apparitions from the otherworldly measurement.

How we dress and its profound impact

Each article has its own particular unmistakable and extraordinary otherworldly vibrations. The vibrations of garments rely on upon components, for example, sort of material, shape, shading, outline, sewing of fabric, and so forth. The more pure these elements are, the more prominent is the knowledge part of the last item that is the garments. This article is about how to bring the immaculateness up in our garments while additionally decreasing the Ignorance and inertia segment which causes otherworldly lack of awareness and dormancy and misery from negative energies.

Type of material

Step by step instructions to dress-kind of-material Natural strands, for example, silk and cotton have a more prominent capacity to draw in, assimilate and hold divine frequencies from the air. Then again garments produced using fake strands nylon, terylene, rayon and polyester have a reduced capacity to pull in heavenly frequencies. They pull in Action and passion-Ignorance and inertia frequencies from the environment making the general population that wear them more inclined to be assaulted by negative energies.

Amount of sewing

Step by step instructions to dress-cuts-stitches Cutting material and making incalculable little gaps in the fabric through sewing draws in negative vibrations from the air. Thus it is ideal to wear garments where there is insignificant sewing. This is one reason customary clothing of ladies, a silk 9-yard dress, is thought to be the most pure dress. For the same reason, garments that are held up with a bunch like the rectangular bit of un-stitched fabric, for the most part around 4-5 meters since a long time ago, wrapped around the waist and the legs and hitched at the waist or the dhoti have a more prominent otherworldly advantage instead of dresses stitched with catches.

Alongside this, garments are hand-made while droning the Name of God, have a superior capacity to pull in positive profound vibrations. Broad and fast puncturing of garments with a sewing machine draws in upsetting vibrations.

Color of the fabric

The most effective method to dress-colours Whites, yellows and soul have a higher capacity to pull in profoundly positive vibrations. This is on account of these are Purity and knowledge hues. Dark, then again, is the shading that most pulls in upsetting vibrations. High contrast when worn as a mix of hues, conflict with each other at the level of profound vibrations and in this way pull in negative vibrations.

Pretentious hues likewise draw in Ignorance and inertia transcendent vibrations. Hues ought to be corresponding to each other.

Design and print on the fabric

The most effective method to dress-design The examples, size or recurrence of examples on material can significantly affect the otherworldly inspiration or antagonism exuding from a dress.

Purity and knowledge outlines, for example, leaves, blooms, dabs and vines are more useful

Purity and knowledge outlines for the most part don’t have pointed tips

Plans ought not be congested

Horrible and rough looking outlines such a skulls and so on draw in negative vibrations

Vertical stripes on a shirt are superior to anything flat. Diagonal stripes have upsetting vibrations

Self-shaded garments with Purity and knowledge hues which are without outline for the most part draw in positive vibrations

Condition of the garments

The most effective method to dress-torn-clothes The condition that garments are in likewise assumes a part in influencing us at a profound level.

Unwashed garments draw in negative energies. For instance a major brand pants organization urges their clients not to wash their pants. From a profound viewpoint, as soil and sweat develops in garments so do the Action and passion-Ignorance and inertia vibrations. Then again, washed garments are not accused of the individual’s vibrations and soil, and along these lines their capacity to draw in the purity and knowledge part is high.

Wearing torn garments is additionally viewed as an in vogue pattern with the more youthful era. However torn garments pull in negative vibrations.

With regards to old and new garments, the last is more helpful for drawing in celestial energies. For instance a washed new silk piece of clothing will be better ready to pull in heavenly frequencies rather than a washed old silk article of clothing.

Length of hemline

The most effective method to dress-hemline Over the decades hemlines have lessened keeping in mind this is viewed as popular, it has its burdens from a profound point of view. Garments go about as a defensive covering from negative energies. Short garments not just can possibly excite sexual yearning in the inverse sex additionally the consideration of apparitions and negative energies in the region. Negative energies get pulled in towards ladies wearing uncovering garments and disturb them from the inconspicuous keeping in mind the end goal to satisfy their sexual longings. We have run over numerous occasions where ladies have been sexually manhandled by an unpretentious substance with or without their insight.


The most effective method to dress-tight-clothes. The style of garments has numerous perspectives to it, one of which is the attack of the garments. Pieces of clothing should be agreeable and not very tight. On the off chance that they are too tight, then the grinding between the fabric and skin makes sound rushes of unpretentious air, which causes upsetting waves from the climate to be impelled towards the individual. A looser fit takes into account an unobtrusive void to be made between the material and the skin which permits the Divine awareness from the environment to be pulled in and held.

Hanging of material on the body is likewise another angle to consider as relying upon the way it is done aides in either the stream or hindrance of energies. How about we take the illustration of the sari. Our otherworldly research demonstrated that there is a motivation behind why a sari is composed with creases in the front. This prompts a stream of vitality from the folds of a sari towards the ground and it shields ladies from negative energies radiating from the unpretentious locale of Hell.

Styles might recurring pattern with every season as style originators pursue the following trend. However our otherworldly research has demonstrated that as the centuries progressed, it is the 9-yard silk sari took after by the 6-yard sari which have been and still are the most profoundly helpful articles of clothing to wear for a lady.

Borrowing garments – an otherworldly forbidden

Obtaining garments, shoes, tops from a companion might help to briefly broaden one’s closet, however the otherworldly detriments exceed the points of interest.

In today’s reality a substantial area of society is influenced by negative energies. Subsequently the vibrations of these negative energies stay in the garments as troubling vitality. Wearing the garments of a man who is controlled by negative energies can be to a great degree impeding from a profound angle. As we don’t have the intuition capacity to comprehend who is influenced or had with negative energies it is best to forgo

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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Coral

Coral may not be seen as a real gem by some, but it has fantastic healing qualities.The coral is the gemstone of the planet Mars and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
Red coral is useful as jewelry and for pleasing the planet Mars, but the use of white corals is more popular in Bengal, where people also use it for Mars energy. 
The best gem should have the following qualities:
1. deep red color
2. regular shape and even surface
3. round or oval shape
4. free of dents, holes, or perforations
5. smooth
One who wears or possesses such coral enjoys good fortune and is never possessed by evil spirits or bothered by ghosts, bad vibrations, nightmares, storms, or lightning. Japa done with a coral mala with 108 beads brings siddhi (power).
Some tests for Identification of Real Coral
1. If real coral is placed in a glass of cow’s milk, the color of the milk will appear pink or take on a red tinge. Imitation coral will not affect the whiteness of milk.
2. If a coral is dropped in blood, blood will thicken around it.
3. A true coral changes color according to the physical well-being of the wearer. It fades before the disorder in physical health is noticeable and resumes its original color when physical health is restored.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Coral
A coral should be bought on a Tuesday when the Moon is in Aries or Scorpio. The coral’s weight should be no less than 6 rattikas. The metal used should be a mixture of copper and gold.
Some aspects of the The Medicinal Utility of Coral
Coral Oxide is used ror different diseases with different mediums, follows:
1. For dry cough: Use it with powdered raw sugar.
2. Cough with mucus: a) If the mucus needs to be expelled from the system, coral oxide should be taken with powdered brown sugar; b) If the mucus needs to be dried, it should be taken with honey.
3. Low fever: It should be taken with sitopiladi choorna with honey.
4. Breathlessness with low fever: Take it with honey.
5. New fever: With honey.
6. Bone fracture: With honey.
7. Eye troubles (burning, irritation): Use it with ghee, rock sugar candy, and milk.
8. Headache: Use it with milk cooked with almond paste.
9. Mental weakness: Use it with milk cooked with almond paste.
10. General tonic: Use it with honey.
11. Diseases of liver: With honey.
12. Hyperacidity: With cold milk.
The other form of medical preparation is pishthi (paste), which is more powerful and better in quality than oxide.
Dosage: 1 to 2 rattikas twice a day :
1. To prevent miscarriage: Apply the paste (not powder – if only the powder is available make a paste by adding rose water or kewra water – a few drops to two doses) to the navel of a pregnant woman.
2. First stage of tuberculosis: Use it with honey.
Coral powder is very good for nursing mothers who become weak during the nursing period.
Chief Sources of Coral
Coral of the finest quality is obtained in bulk from the coasts of Algeria and Tunisia. Other profitable sites for coral deposits are the coasts of Spain, France, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. Corals are also processed in India.
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Blue Sapphire, Amethist

Known as indra neel and neel mani in Sanskrit and neelam in Hindi, the blue sapphire is a gem of the corundum family. The blue sapphire is the gemstone of the planet Saturn and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
Sometimes white sapphires, rubies and blue sapphires are found in the same mine and that is why there is a mixture of colors in the crystals of these gems. Ruby is harder than white sapphire and blue sapphire is harder than ruby. What distinguishes them from each other is their hardness. Blue sapphire is hardest. Blue sapphire crystals are found as twelve-sided prisms.
Some Qualities of a Good Blue Sapphire
1. smoothness
2. transparence
3. uniformity in color
4. high specific gravity
Some Flaws of a Blue Sapphire
1. milky – brings poverty
2. dull (without luster or devoid of brilliance) – harms friends, brothers and near relations
3. film like a cobweb – brings disease
4. multicolored – increases anxiety and mental problems
5. greenish in shade – causes financial loss
Some tests for Identification of Real Blue Sapphires
1. A real blue sapphire emits blue light and, if placed in a glass of cow’s milk, the milk appears to have a bluish tinge.
2. A real blue sapphire emits blue sparks when placed in a glass of water.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Blue Sapphire
A blue sapphire should be bought on a Saturday when Saturn is posited in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra. The weight should not be less than 4 rattikas. Weighing 5 carats is supposed to be auspicious. The gem should be flawless.
The gemstone should be bought in the evening hours and given to the jeweler on the same day, who should prepare a ring from a mixture of gold, iron and silver. For Saturn the following mixture of five metals is best: 1 part gold, 2 parts silver, 3 parts lead, 4 parts iron and 1 part copper. Instead of copper, zinc can be used.
The ring should be taken from the jeweler on a Saturday evening, and the best time to wear the ring is evening.
Saturn is a friend of Mercury and Venus. To add additional power to the ring, emerald and diamond could also be embedded in it. The back should be open to allow the gemstone to touch the skin.
Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of the Blue Sapphire
Blue sapphire pishthi (paste) can be given for skin diseases, migraine, heartburn, nervous disorders, rheumatism, colic pains, lack of appetite and bloating of the stomach, among others.
Chief Sources of Blue Sapphires
Kashmir, Salem, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Cat’s Eye

Cat’s-eye is a gemstone that comes from the gem mineral chrysoberyl. The cat’s eye is the gemstone of the planet Ketu and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
Cat’s eye is an aluminate of beryllium having traces of oxide of iron and chromium, which serve as coloring agents and give it brownish and greenish tinges. The chrysoberyl mineral produces three types of gems :

1. Alexandrite
2. Cat’s-eye
3. Chrysolite

Some Qualities of a Good Cat’s-Eye

1. smoothness
2. brilliance of chatoyance
3. high specific gravity – heavier than average stone of the same size
4. having three streaks of light, similar to the sacred thread worn by Brahmins in India
5. straightness of the chatoyance

Cat’s eye is found in yellow, black, dark or smoky-green, and white. The only thing common to all shades is the band of light moving across the stone, the chatoyance. A gem having a white band of light is supposed to be best. Cat’s-eye shines like the eye of a cat in darkness, but it does not shine in total darkness.
Some Flaws of a Cat’s-Eye
1. dullness – the cat’s-eye that is not brilliant and is shining and flimsy is injurious for physical health and personal wealth
2. crack inside the gemstone – brings injuries from sharp-edged weapons
3. cobweb inside the gemstone – brings imprisonment and is harmful for the wearer
4. having five streaks or bands of light – brings misfortune
5. holes or dents – bring diseases of the stomach
6. flat – devoid of effect and therefore not suitable for wearing
7. uneven in shape – unlucky
Some tests for Identification of Real Cat’s-Eye
1. If a real gem is put in a dark place, it shines like the eyes of a cat.
2. If a real gem is rubbed against a cloth, its brilliance increases.
Wearing a cat’s-eye increases physical strength, radiance, stamina, happiness, wealth, and the joy of having progeny. Is saved from injuries caused by weapons Cat’s-eye removes poverty cures illnesses caused by inauspicious Ketu.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Cat’s-Eye
A cat’s-eye should be bought on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday when Moon is in Aries, Sagittarius, or Pisces or when Moon is in Ashvini, Magha, or Mul nakshatras, in the morning hours of an ascending moon cycle. The gemstone should be given to the jeweler the same day, and the jeweler should set it in a mixture of five metals: iron, silver, copper, gold, and zinc, as prescribed for hessonite or blue sapphire, or in iron. The weight of cat’s-eye should not be less than 5 rattikas. The time to wear a cat’s-eye ring for the first time is two hours after sunset, or in the evening.
Some aspects of the medicinal utility of Cat’s eye
Wearing a cat’s eye increases physical strength, radiance, stamina, happiness, wealth and the joy of progeny. It cures illnesses caused by inauspicious Ketu, which may be the cause of skin diseases, leprosy, pain in joints, diseases of joints and nerves, excessive body heat, anxiety and accidents, among others.
Chief Sources of Cat’s-Eye
India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Brazil.
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Diamond

The diamond is pure carbon, having the most compact arrangement of carbon atoms found in nature. The diamond is the gemstone of the planet Venus and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
Most attractive to the eyes, the diamond is famous for its play of colors. It emits a very delicate bluish, reddish, or a mixture of blue and red radiance of glittering luster when exposed to light.
A fine diamond is radiant, and delightful. It is as soothing to the eyes as the Moon; is magnificent and has the self-luminous quality of a clear crystal.
Ancient Hindu scriptures mention eight types of diamonds
1. Hanspati: transparent white color like a conch,
2. Kamlapati: transparent pinkish white, like lotus petal.
3. Vajraneel: transparent blue-white, like the color of the neck of a blue jay,
4. Vanaspati: transparent green-white, like fresh blade of grass,
5. Shyamvajra: transparent smoky-grey color
6. Telia: oily,and dark color.
7. Sanloyi: yellow-green or pale green color,
Some Qualities of a Good Diamond
1. hardness
2. luster
3. transparence
4. luminosity
5. pleasant appearance
Some Flaws in a Diamond
1. Dullness
2. “Feathers of a crow”
3. Red spots
4. Black spots
5. Greasy
6. Pale or brown in color
7. Ridges on the surface
8. Brittleness
Some tests for Identification of a Real Diamond
1. A real diamond when placed in warm milk cools the milk.
2. A real diamond when placed in liquid butter or ghee (clarified butter) at room temperature solidifies the butter or ghee.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Diamond
A diamond should be bought on a Friday when Venus is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. Should be bought in the morning between sunrise and 11:00 A.M. A diamond should be at least 1 rattika (.59 metric carat) in weight. The setting should be silver, white gold, or platinum, and the gem should be flawless. The gemstone should be given to the jeweler on the same day, and the ring should be made and the gemstone set on a Friday under the lunar mansions.
A ring worn in this manner removes the evil effects of an ill-aspected Venus, brings wealth, health, prosperity, removes fear of evil spirits, cures diseases, makes one invincible, removes enmity, and saves one from electric shocks, poisonous insects and animals, and accidental death.
Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of the Diamond
Diamond is the hardest of all gemstones, and it should never be used orally in the form of a pishthi (paste). Only its bhasma (oxide) is used in Ayurveda. If a diamond particle gets into the stomach it can be fatal. Therefore it is purified very carefully when its oxide is prepared.
Diamond oxide provides prana (life force). It is useful for epilepsy, paralysis, insanity, hernia, premature old age, weakness of mind, among others. It makes the body strong and provides longevity.
Chief Sources of Diamonds
India, Brazil, Africa, U.S.S.R.
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Emerald

The Emerald is a gemstone of green color belonging to the family of beryl gems. The emerald is the gemstone of the planet Mercury and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
This gemstone is rare because it is very difficult to find a flawless emerald. Aquamarine, morganite, goshenite, and heliodor are also members of the beryl family and have the same chemical constituents, except for chromic oxide, which gives emerald the green color that distinguishes it from the other varieties of beryls.
Some Qualities of a Good Emerald
1. rich green homogeneous color that is deep and pleasant, like a blade of fresh grass
2. retains its color and luster in all kinds of lights and shades
3. compactness, which gives it high specific gravity
4. transparence, which makes it rare and costlier than diamonds
According to the Agastya Mat, as mentioned in the Ratna Prakash, a good emerald is transparent, without dust, pure as a drop of dew on a lotus leaf, and it sheds luster in all directions when held on the palm in sunlight.
Some Flaws of Emeralds
1. brittleness
2. presence of a hole
3. dullness; devoid of inner glow
4. unevenness of color
5. graininess
6. black or yellow spots
Such stones have no merit and should be discarded. A real emerald of a good size is rare and it is almost impossible to find an eyeglass-clear emerald. It is known for its ability to neutralize poison.
Some tests for Identification of Real Emeralds
1. If a real emerald is placed in a glass pot with water it radiates green light, whereas the imitation does not.
2. If a real emerald is placed on the eyes it gives a cool feeling, whereas an imitation becomes warm very quickly.
3. A drop of water on a real gemstone retains its shape and does not spread around like water. Even moving and inverting the gemstone does not harm the drop, whereas in an imitation it does not remain a drop but spreads like water.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing an Emerald
An emerald should be bought on a Wedsnesday when the Sun is in the norther quarter in an ascending cycle. The weight of the gemstone emerald should not be less than three rattikas. It should be set in gold during the morning hours. Before wearing the ring should be kept immersed for some time in raw cow’s milk.
Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of the Emerald
Emerald Oxide increases ojas (radiance), cures fever, coma, vomiting, thirst, problems created by any kind of poisoning, aggravated bile, acidity, asthma, jaundice, constipation, hemorrhoids, and swellings of the internal organs. Because the oxide of emerald is cold in nature it is very suitable for people with hot temperament. It also cures weakness of the heart and the stomach. It is a very useful remedy for tuberculosis, diabetes, and urinary troubles. The oxide of emerald increases memory, provides longevity, and is an effective remedy for snakebite. It also cures problems caused by evil spirits and by the planet Mercury.
Emerald Paste can be used whenever needed for the following:
1. Kidney stone – with honey and pipal
2. Colic pains – with honey
3. Fever – with honey
4. Vomiting – with honey
5. Poisoning – with honey or malai
6. Swelling of internal organs – with honey
7. Indigestion – with honey and triphala choorna (powder)
8. Heart troubles – with sarpgandha powder ETC.
Chief Sources of Emeralds
India, Pakistan, Colombia, Africa,…
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Hessonite, Gomed, Canelian

Hessonite is also called Cinnamon Stone, or Zircon. Its Sanskrit name is gomedak and the Hindi name is gomed. The hessonite is the gemstone of the planet Rahu and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
A good-quality gomed gemstone of Rahu, is one that reflects the color of the urine of a cow, that is, having a nice honey color. It is a silicate of zirconium and is commonly found in igneous rocks but is fairly rare as a gemstone. Zircon has a considerable range of colors and is found in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and brown shades. Blue and green hessonite or the white colorless variety of hessonite are not associated with Rahu.
A pure and transparent hessonite having a delicate hue, brilliance, luster, and uniform color neutralizes the evil effects of Rahu, and if Rahu is well posited it gives beneficial results during its major period and subperiods, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth.
Some Qualities of a Good Hessonite
1. color similar to the clear urine of a cow
2. transparency
3. high specific gravity
4. brilliance
5. uniform color
Some Flaws of a Hessonite
1. dullness
2. fibrous
3. rough
4. having a hole or dents
5. flat
6. having a black spot
Some tests for Identification of Real Hessonite
1. If a real hessonite is left in cow’s urine for twenty-four hours the color of the urine changes.
2. Real hessonite is devoid of concentric rings of air bubbles.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Hessonite
A hessonite should be bought on a Saturday when Adra Nakshatra or Kshat Bhikha Nakshatra is present. In an ascending moon cycle, in the morning before 10 A.M. and given to the jeweler the same day. The weight should not be less than 4 rattikas. The hessonite should be set in a ring made of the five metals recommended for blue sapphire or in a ring made of iron or steel. The mounting should have an open back to allow the gemstone to touch the finger. The best time to wear a hessonite is two hours after sunset.
Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of Hessonite
Hessonite pishthi or oxide gives luster to the skin, improves the faculty of reasoning and thinking, gives strength to dhatus (body and semen), and gives longevity, among others. It also cures disorders created by Rahu.
Chief Sources of Hessonite
India, Burma, Sri Lanka.
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Yellow Sapphire

A gem of the corundum family, yellow sapphire is a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. The yellow sapphire is the gemstone of the planet Jupiter and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
Yellow sapphire is found in yellow, golden, and orange colors, as well as in a colorless variety known as white sapphire. The best gem is said to be of lemon-yellow color. The color in yellow sapphire is due to the presence of iron and titanium.
Some Qualities of a Good Yellow Sapphire
1. heaviness or high specific gravity that can be felt when placed on the palm
2. rich velvety luster that can be seen with the naked eye
3. transparency, which makes it clean and pure
4. evenness in surface, without any variation in thickness
5. uniformity of color, without any layers
6. solidity, hardness
Some Flaws of a Yellow Sapphire
1. dullness – harmful for health
2. crack inside the gem – creates fear of thieves
3. milky appearance inside – harmful for progeny
4. asymmetrical shape – brings bad luck
Some tests for Identification of a Real Yellow Sapphire
1. When placed on a white cloth and exposed to sunlight, it gives yellow hue to the spot where the light is reflected.
2. If kept in milk for twenty-four hours it does not change color.
3. It cures poisonous insect bites immediately if rubbed on the afflicted area.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Yellow Sapphire
A yellow sapphire should be bought on a thursday, in an ascending moon cycle and when the Pushya Nakshatra is present. The weight of the gem should be no less than three rattikas. The ring should be set in gold and polished and finished the same day.
Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of the Yellow Sapphire
Pukhraj Oxide is a vermicide; it also increases bile and gives strength. It is good for problems created by poisons. It cures vomiting and problems created by aggravated wind and mucus. It cures burning sensations, problems of the blood, hemorrhoids, and leprosy, and it strengthens gastric fire; it cures jaundice, gastritis, constipation, flatulence, cough, colds, asthma, nosebleed, apoplexy, tumors, tuberculosis, general debility, and ailments caused by loss of seminal fluid. It also cures problems created by an afflicted Jupiter.
Pukhraj Pishthi (Paste or Powder) : for mucus that is dry and needs to be expelled from the system, the pishthi mixed with malai (skim of milk) is best. For mucus that needs to be dried, a pinch of freshly ground black pepper should be added to the honey. For patients suffering from asthma it should be given with honey and sitopiladi. For colds, mix with honey and a pinch of fine-ground fresh black pepper. For vomiting the paste can be given with honey and a pinch of fine-ground red cardamom seeds.
Chief Sources of Yellow Sapphires
Like other members of the corundum family, pukhraj is also found as crystals in rocks of limestone and schists and in riverbeds and streams.
The primary sources in India, as mentioned in its ancient scriptures, are the Mahanadi and Brahmputra rivers, the Himalayas, the Vindhyachal Mountains, Orissa, Bengal, and Kashmir. The best yellow sapphires, famous for their luster, smoothness, brilliance, and transparence, come from Mogok, situated in the upper region of Burma.
Sri Lanka produces sapphires in yellow, light green, and color-less varieties in sufficient quantities. These sapphires are of some-what inferior quality to the Burmese pukhraj. Good quality sapphires in shades of yellow, green, pink, red, blue, violet, and white (colorless) are found in abundance in Brazil.
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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Pearl

Pearl has many healing qualities associated with the lunar energy, both on a physical level as on a mental level. The pearl is the gemstone of the planet Moon and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.
The formation of a pearl inside a pearl oyster is thought to occur because of the presence of foreign material inside the body of the oyster. To save itself from the undesired material the mollusk coats the object with layer after layer of nacre. It takes many years for a mollusk to produce a pearl of substantial size. The process through which the pearls are formed inside the body of the mollusk is very delicate, and a little disturbance at any stage of development of a pearl can influence its shape and luster. The finest pearl is that which has no foreign matter in its core.
There is a common belief among tantriks that when Svati Nakshatra rain comes to earth it produces pearl in pearl oysters. The mollusk is then said to open its mouth to receive the first raindrops. When these same raindrops fall into the mouth of a cobra, it produces venom. The same raindrops also produce camphor in the banana plant, go-lochan (go-rochan or calcium) when they fall in the horn of a cow, and bansh-lochan and bansh-mukta (or bamboo pearl) when they fall inside a bamboo shoot. Bansh-lochan is known as Calcium bamboana and is very much used in Ayurvedic medicines.
The pearls thus produced by the raindrops of Svati Nakshatra are the finest and have no foreign matter in them.
Pearls are said to be obtained from eight sources:
1. Sky pearl
2. Cobra pearl
3. Bamboo pearl
4. Hog pearl
5. Elephantine pearl
6. Conch pearl
7. Fish pearl
8. Oyster pearl
A genuine pearl is supposed to have the following qualities:

1. Moonlike, shining white color
2. Perfectly round, globular shape and size
3. Compactness, which gives it a high specific gravity
4. Lustre, soft glamour, attractiveness, and brilliance of reflection
5. Smoothness, which gives an agreeable sensation to the eyes
6. Spotlessness and freedom from blemishes (dents, scratches, ridges) and impurities

One who wears or possesses a pearl with all of the above-mentioned qualities enjoys good fortune and is blessed by the goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity), lives long and becomes sinless and obtains vitality and intelligence. He or she achieves high position by his wisdom and becomes famous.
A pearl with a yellow luster brings prosperity. Red-tinted pearls make one intelligent, shining white pearls bring fame, and a pearl with a bluish hue brings good fortune.
A pearl devoid of luster, that is, dirty, broken, having no gleam of circulating water, black or copper colored, partly white and partly colored, irregular, odd in shape, having holes, dents, or spots is defective and should be avoided.
Some Flaws of Pearls
1. cracks or ridges – wearing of such a pearl is injurious to one’s health
2. wavy thin line on the surface -brings misfortune
3. dents – bring loss of wealth
4. a mole – like formation on the surface layer – brings sadness and disease
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Pearl
A pearl should be bought on a Monday in the ascending moon cycle. Saturday is not a good day. The pearl should be given to the jeweler on the same day and the ring should be constructed and polished on the same days as mentioned above under the influence of the same nakshatras. Should be mounted in silver. The setting should be open-backed so that the pearl touches the skin of the finger. The best time to wear a pearl ring is evening, or when the Moon is rising.
Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of Pearls
Mukta Bhasm or Pearl Oxide provides strength and longevity.Together with Mukta Pishthi (pearl paste or powder), it is used for eye troubles, general debility, tuberculosis, chest troubles, weakness of heart, cough, low-grade fever, hiccups, illusions of ghosts or evil spirits, nosebleed, weakness of mind and urinary troubles, among others.

Chief Sources of Pearls

Gulf of Manar in Sri Lanka
The Persian Gulf
Bay of Bengal

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March 11, 2016

Gemstone Ruby

The ruby is a gemstone of the corundum family and is attractive as because of its brilliance, if it is crystal
clear and transparent. The ruby is the gemstone of the planet Sun and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.

Chemical composition — Aluminum oxide.

The ruby is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors ranging from pink to a deep ruddy violet color. The gemstone is solid and possesses high specific gravity. The red tint in ruby comes from a light combination of iron and chromium. The finest quality ruby has a delicate rose color.

Some Qualities of a Good Ruby

1. smoothness

2. transparence

3. luster

4. brilliance

5. hardness

Some Flaws of Rubies

1. dullness – gives problems with brothers

2. brittleness – gives problems in having a son

3. flimsiness – gives problems with lightning

4. cracks – gives bad luck

5. bubbles – makes the gem ineffective

6. feather – gives bad luck

7. dirty – ineffective

Some tests for Identification of Real Rubies

1. If you place a real ruby on an unopened lotus bud it will open up and become a blossoming lotus in a short time.

2. If you place a real ruby in a glass jar, a red hue of  light will be seen to emit from the jar.

3. If pearls are put together with a real ruby in a silver plate and placed in sunlight, the silver plate will appear
blackish, the pearls will have a red hue and the ruby will shine like the Sun.

Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Ruby :

A ruby should be bought on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday in the ascending moon cycle. The stone should
be mounted in an ring made of a mixture of gold and copper. The gemstone should touch the skin of the wearer’s finger. The best time to wear a ruby ring is sunrise.

Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of the Ruby :

Both the oxide as the pishti of Ruby are used for impotence, hearth troubles, loss of blood, tuberculosis,
indigestion, prolonged fevers, diabetes, among others.

Chief Sources of Rubies

Ruby mines are found in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kabul (Afghanistan), Tanganyika, and South India.

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